Did You Know... 1 Out Of Every 6 Women Have Been Assaulted?

Protect yourself with our Personal Safety Alarm

Every 98 seconds a women is attacked or assaulted. Don't become another statistic. With our unique Personal Safety Alarm, you can be confident that you will be safe.

"I am much more at ease walking my dog at night when I have my personal safety alarm with me." - Kelly F.


Who Needs A Personal Safety Alarm?

Anyone can benefit from the peace of mind of having a way to sound the alarm should the unthinkable happen. Great for yourself or for your friends and loved ones.

Our Personal Safety Alarms are useful in many circumstances:

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    Coming home from work alone
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    Walking your dogs
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    Going for an evening run
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    Exploring unfamiliar places
Protect yourself with our Personal Safety Alarm

Effective and Simple To Use!

Our personal safety alarm is designed with effectiveness and ease of use in mind.

Loud 120dB

When activated, the alarm emits a 120dB siren alerting anyone nearby that you may be in distress


Our personal safety alarms are the size of a keychain and can easily be attached to a purse or backpack

Easy To Use

When the unthinkable happens, there is no time to react. Simply pull the alarm and it will disconnect form the pen and active the siren

Don't hesitate...get your Personal Safety Alarm now!

When activated, our safety alarm emits a LOUD 120dB siren alerting those around you that you may be in distress and scaring away your assailant.

Personal Safety Alarm Keychain - Pink

This Personal Safety Alarm May Save Your Life

Don't become another statistic. Millions of people are mugged or attacked each year. Many of these incidents can be avoided if only an alarm could be sounded.

Have peace of mind. Know that you are protected.

Take Our Personal Safety Alarm ANYWHERE. Are you hesitant to own a taser, or live somewhere where weapons are not allowed? Don't worry, our personal safety alarms are allowed everywhere.


I bought 3 of these....

"I bought 3 of these - one for each of my teenage daughters. As parents we don't have to worry knowing our daughters are protected."

Bill H.

I take mine with me everywhere...

"I take mine with me everywhere, especially when I'm walking my chihuahua in the evenings"

Janet D.

You Will LOVE Your Personal Safety Alarm

When you buy, you'll receive a Personal Safety Alarm and the peace of mind knowing you (or your friend/loved one) will be safe!

Why wait? Act now while supplies last!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We know you'll love your Personal Safety Alarm. We are committed to making sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.


I got my oldest daughter, Liz one before she went off to college...

"I got my oldest daughter, Liz one before she went off to college. Her mother and I feel at ease knowing she has this alarm with her when coming back from those late night classes."

Henry G.

I got one right after moving to the city

"After moving to Chicago, I just didn't feel safe walking to my car at night. After I received my personal safety alarm, I'm much more confident."

Jennifer H.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is it really loud enough?

Is it difficult to use?

What if I don't like it?

How long will it take to arrive?

Don't wait...get your Personal Safety Alarm now!

Limited supplies available, get yours before we run out!

Personal Safety Alarm Keychain - Pink

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